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Phase 2 Requirements for Food Trucks and Restaurants in Washington State

Hello all food truck operators, and enthusiasts! We received a recent email from Lori Johnson, Executive Director of the WSFTA (Washington State Food Truck Association) regarding findings after a long phone call with the Washington State Board of Health and the Food Safety Advisory Committee.

The following is verbatim what she wrote to make sure it's communicated clearly. If you are a restaurant operator desiring to move to Phase 2, or a food truck, then you need to read this.

"I spent several hours yesterday on a call with our State Board of Health and the Food Safety Advisory Committee that has spent the past 2-years going through our food code revision process. Here are the updates you need to know.... TPDS (third party delivery service) workers will soon need a food safety worker card, there may be a change to our state food code indicating this new requirement. (Instacart delivery drivers as an example.) During Phase-2, even when social distancing, and 6-feet can be maintained, Labor & Industry is requiring you to wear a mask, unless you have an underlying health condition and are exempt. This means for you all inside of your food truck (or trailer, cart, etc.) you must have a cloth mask on. If you are an establishment that is providing “on premises” food consumption, you must have your restrooms open to customers. If you are not using online ordering and people are touching your POS, this must be sanitized after each customer’s use. The restaurant/tavern/bar customer log is voluntary and only needs to be kept for 30-days. You are required to have and maintain the log, but it is voluntary for your customers so you can avoid unnecessary confrontations with people who may have issues or privacy concerns. Health recommends you assign one staff to take in the customer info or to have multiple "clean" pens. State health will be postponing the requirement for the (CFPM) Certified Food Protection managerial certification. This is now scheduled to take effect July of 2022. The overall, Washington State Retail Food Code rule revision has been delayed and will now be scheduled for implementation June of 2021."

Please feel free to share this post with your fellow restaurateurs and food operators on social media. Always check in with the Washington State Board of Health website for up-to-date information. If you need supplies for reopening, Western Restaurant Supply is dedicated to keeping supplies in stock that you'll need to comply with state requirements for all Phases of re-opening!

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Our team is dedicated to helping your business here in the Tri-Cities and in Washington State! If you would like more information on our safe re-opening kits, call our team at 866-585-6978!

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