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Financing your food truck build shouldn't be stressful or difficult.  To help you secure financing, we have compiled a list of several different financial institutions that are capable of helping you fund your build.

They look at things like your personal credit, your business plan, your time in business (if you already have been in operation), among other factors.  When you finance a food truck or trailer, sometimes they will use your truck as collateral for your loan.  If you have questions, our team is here to help you succeed!

Time Payment

Time Payment is a industry leader in equipment financing. They offer standard equipment leasing.

Bank of Cardiff

Cardiff operates like a traditional bank, and has the ability to finance 100% of your build. 

Partners Capital Group

Locally based out of Lynnwood, WA partners capital has full funded several of our builds. They are good solution for food truck financing.

First Lease

First Lease is another industry leading equipment financing company.  They also offer traditional equipment leasing.

Screenshot 2021-03-05 163724.png

Navitas Credit Corp.

Navitas Credit Corporation specializes in helping customers acquire financing for equipment, and food trucks or trailers, even start up companies. 

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Providence Capital

At Providence Capital Funding, Inc., we work with businesses in a variety of industries to create equipment leasing solutions that meet your very specific demands.

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