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Our services


The list of our teams skills couldn't really all fit on this one page, but this gives you a solid idea of what our group of skilled craftsmen, designers, and team do day in day out to bring you the best mobile kitchen you could ask for.


Custom Builds

Every truck or trailer we build is designed with the customers desires in mind.  Flow, and equipment choices made by the customer guide our teams design process.


WA State Compliant

Every truck or trailer we build passes WA State L&I Inspections and is legally allowed to operate anywhere in WA State.

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A Dealer Builder

What makes us unique, is we are a equipment dealer, and a food truck builder.  We buy our equipment an supplies directly from the manufacturers, giving us the ability to save you the most money possible on your entire build.

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CAD Design

We use industry specific CAD software to design your build.  It's foundation is Auto CAD, but it has a food service industry specific application.  Part our build process is providing detailed drawings to scale, for you to review, and also submit to WA L&I and your local health department for approvals.

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Not every project we do is a new build!  We specialize in taking trailers and trucks that aren't built to code, and bringing them up to WA State standards.  Some of these include replacing your old hood with a ETL/UL listed hood, adding Fire Suppression Systems, renovating the plumbing and electrical, and providing updated drawings for WA L&I submittals.


Repairs and Installs

If you have an existing truck or trailer and need repairs made, or would like to upgrade equipment in your mobile kitchen, we are here to help.

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